Mobile platform plays the most important role in collecting sensor data before pushing to WiFi network and then presenting the analytical results/graphs generated in the server back to the users. In evolving IoT business, mobile devices offer the final visualization and information to the end users. Therefore it plays the role of Quarterback in any IoT system-supporting the whole hardware platform in terms of asset/data tracking and pushing the sensor data to cloud server in addition to offering visualization of analytic results pushed from server for an end-user located anywhere around the globe. This evolving paradigm is called IoT middleware which is human machine interface (HMI) of any IoT system. We have a patented Mobile IoT platform which offers seamless connectivity and management of BLE and Zigbee connected sensors. This mobile platform also maps hundreds of sensor data streams to Big Data analytic system. The platform also offers simple API to extract Big Data analytic visualization in Mobile system for predictive maintenance, process automation etc.

Sensor Data analyzed and reported from Server

monitoring system

Analytics simplified as a fuel gauge for easy understanding of Data

Our platform is available for both Android and iOS. With the explosion of mobile technology, open source technologies are available to solve the issues of IoT middleware. However, in Prophecy we have sorted out a structured architecture and process flow to support development in predictive maintenance, process automation etc. which require advanced HMI functions like Auto-calibration, field calibration of process and predictive analytic models, baselining etc. With our platform, development companies are well guided and consulted to create their own Mobile IoT middleware which otherwise takes a very long time and much higher cost of development because of lack of structural/architectural/tactical knowledge of this area. With Prophecy Mobile Middleware, a developer can roll the project in seven days instead of spending months of development time just to understand requirements alone.


Salient Features of Prophecy Mobile Middleware:

  • Supported in Android /iOS
  • Can support hundreds of threads/process arising out of sensor data and process
  • Auto and manual calibration of the sensors
  • Field calibration of predictive analytic models
  • Auto-baselining of predictive maintenance and process data
  • Mobile visualization is connected to Big Data Analytic technology such as Apache Spark and Storm –easy mobile visualization of Big Data analytic
  • Addition and mapping of sensors/sensor data in Zigbee and BLE (Piconet) network
  • Sensor asset management ( addition/deletion/status etc)
  • Visualization of data from PLC is available as custom project