Connected Machine analytic platform for Machine manufacturers is the absolute direction in which the whole of machinery industry is moving forward. Connected IoT platform offers unprecedented advantages for machine manufactures as well as the plant managers who are end-users of the machines. Research has shown both the parties are likely to gain through online predictive maintenance, process automation, energy saving and preventative abusive operation resulting in reduced downtime, improved warranty offering and a future roadmap to boost the revenue through monthly SasS based data service ( or Information as a service-IaaS ).

However transformation of dumb unconnected machines to connected smart machines is a long transformational journey for any machine manufacturer who should formulate their roadmap by selecting their partners and projects carefully. Since most of the midsized manufactures do not have in-house resource and know-how for such transformation, Prophecy is willing to partner with them to harness more revenue from data service in which Machine manufacturers can tap in easily given values provided to their clients.

In Prophecy Consulting service we offer an assessment programme of 1-3 months to formulate an executable plan for transition to Smart connected machine for mid-sized manufacturers. In the process, we offer following:

  • We talk to the Engineers/designer/customer service/Marketing of the clients to identify machines, failures and process that should be given highest priority for highest level of transformational impact
  • After machines and their failures are prioritized, we plug in many sensors ( vibration /magnetic field etc. ) on to their good and bad machines to collect sufficient sets of data for predictive modeling/analysis etc. to determine visibility of Predictive modeling for failures, operational abusive prevention etc.
  • Then we offer a complete customized platform solution based on Prophecy platforms that include sets of sensors needed for such transformation, mobile applications and Big Data analytic customization needed for such project.

Prophecy Consulting for Machine Analytics