While Big Data technology is ubiquitously new, Prophecy sensor analytics developed its own IoT platform based on proven stack of tools and libraries. Prophecy Big Data IoT platform serves thousands of sensor nodes data ingestion, analysis and visualization in real-time. Its spark based core perform zero latency computations over an elastic server farm. Prophecy’s advance archive system provides safe and optimized storage for your valuable sensor-data with its compression algorithms and replication schemes. Capable of linearly scaling upto petabyte level according to your need.

Salient features:

  • 1000+ sensor node support per tenant.
  • Modular components, with kafka brokered messaging.
  • Fast in-memory, distributed clustered computation using Spark.
  • Zero latency OLAP using massive parallel processing.
  • Visualization engine supporting client side intuitive real time graphs.
  • Fault-tolerant, highly-available architecture with abundant redundancy.