Prophecized Connected Platform

Automation and Control: We work with several driver and control software companies who can develop any custom application in Industrial control system. We have great experts and developers available for PLC/SCADA systems, Profibus/FieldBus/Ethercat implementation, Wireless communication implementation in Industrial control and integrating Industrial control with the ERP system of the plant.

Industrial Sensors:  We have our extensive works of sensor companies working for pH, pressure, dissolved O2, total organic carbon (TOC), turbidity, oil spills, rare earth ions in the water etc.  After evaluating your technical problems, we will bring in the right sensor partner for you to solve your problems.

Optical & Opto-mechanical design: We have expert Opto-mechanical Engineers who will first model the design in Zemax and then build the solid-works model for developing your Lens system. We can help you to deliver the whole Lens system or Opto-mechanical assembly from design to machining or injection molding.

Injection Molding design: We have great experts in injection molding who can design/visualize the molding design in solidworks. We have also partnered with injection molding companies who can deliver you the final product as well,.

PCB design: We have CID certified Printed circuit board designers who can design PCBs from design to delivery. Our consultants can develop EMI/EMC compliant design and can test them in Environmental chamber as well.