IoT -Mobile to device integration

Internet of Things (IoT)-Mobile to device integration

Mobile applications are game changer in developing electronics/sensor systems which need remote or alternative access to data. Popularly known as Internet of Things (IoT), is the most happening landscape of technology as smartphone penetration is overwhelming and mobile devices are exceeding high enough RAM and processing power for many of the applications.

Zreyas Technology has developed mostly Industrial  Mobile/web apps related to device and sensor system integration and also specialized in Mobile apps which need machine learning support from remote servers such as bio-identification etc.  Details of our expertise and existing product platforms in IoT are available in this presentation.

Some of the sensors we have integrated using Mobile app or web app  involving  remote controlling, remote booting, auto-installation and remote auto-calibration

We work with following communication protocols for connecting the sensors/devices with routers/servers/mobile apps

  •  Bluetooth ( Class 1-3, v1.2-4)
  •  WiFi ( Standard, Super WiFi, LiFi)802.11b/g/n
  •  ANT
  •  ZigBee ( Smart Energy, Remote Control RF4CE, Retail)
  • Z-wave technology

We have more than 60  experienced Mobile app developers with Coco2D,Box2D, OpenGL, Unity3D, Xcode, Android SDK,  Blackberry and Windows mobile7. Besides we do have capability in machine learning for video and image analytic in addition to sophisticated image processing algorithm which we use in advanced mobile app that seeks to take advantage of mobile image processing. This can be for facial identity, retinal scanning and various other kind of authentication and detection technique using Mobile app.

In addition, we design our own electronic PCB/FPGA/ASIC required for such wireless integration.