Electronics (Circuits, PCB design & Embedded systems) for sensors

We have CID certified Printed circuit board designers who can design PCBs from design to delivery. We can develop EMI/EMC compliant design and can test them in Environmental chamber as well. We are also capable of developing “extreme electronics” using SiC for high temperature and corrosive applications.


  1. Single layer PCB:

a. Vibration Sensor Board:
3 axis vibration Sensor range ±16g. It Can be connected to microcontroller via SPI.



b. Vacuum sensor board:
Two different versions for 0-15 PSI and 0-30 PSI available. BLE is available in this board. Data can be sent to mobile application via BLE.



  1. Double layer board:
  1. Power quality monitoring board:

Measures 3 phase Voltage, Current, Power factor, Sag, Swell, and THD. It can be connected to microcontroller via SPI.

  1. Multi sensor interfacing board:


  1. 2 digital IR Temp
  2. 2 axis vibration sensor
  3. 4 3-phase PF sensor
  4. BLE and Zigbee included.

  1. Multi-purpose board:
  2. 2 RTD analog temperature
  3. 2  three axis vibration sensor (±16g)
  4. 2 Vacuum sensor(0-15 PSI, 0-30 PSI)
  5. 8 relays(24 V)
  6. 2 digital to analog converter
  7. 10 V power supply can be used as source



  1. Multilayer board:


Zigbeewifi interfacing board:

Zigbee can receive data from other zigbee modules.

Wifi modules can send data to the Server.


Digital Blank Board

Power Supply:                      5V or USB supply.

Communication Port available:

  1. 2  SPI ports
  2. 2 I2C ports
  3. 1 UART port

Other features:

  1. Micro-USB compatibility
  2. Ethernetcompatibility
  3. CAN Trans-receiver
  4. RS-232,RS-485,PROFIBUS support
  5. EEPROM(1 Mb) based memory included
  6. RTC incorporated
  7. LCD
  9. Zigbee
  10. Analog I/P
  11. Two Relays
  12. Single PF
  13. 24 GPIO PORT

PCB Specification:

Layer:  2

Board Height:   130mm

Board length:   180mm

Board width:  1.6mm

Copper thickness:  1 Oz

Board Material Substrate: FR4

Conformal coating:   Yes

Top and Bottom solder mask:  Green

Legend   :  White

Surface finish:  HAL(Sn-Pb)