Sensor Design

Zreyas Technology designs new Industrial sensors. In Zreyas-the word “design of sensor”  is considered in broader range. We do design mechanical housing, electronics PCB, sensor communication network and patented innovation or patent search associated with it.


Predictive Maintenance Sensor Design


We have developed wireless and IoT connected sensors ( Mechanical, Electronics, Software and Intellectual Property) in the area of
  1. Vibration, Sound and Magnetic field sensor for Machine Vitals sensing
  2.  Power factor, voltage/current sensing, Sag/Swell/Harmonic detection in 3 Phase Industrial lines
  3.  Vacuum, Pressure and flow sensors for Industrial applications
In short, sensor applications are endless to improve the quality of life and commerce. After signing the contract we spend first 4-8 weeks on finalizing mechanical,  functional, hardware,software and cost of production requirements in highest details possible.