MachineSense is a multisensor system that tracks impending machine failure via cloud analytic. It is a composite sensor which sense machine vibration, temperature, magnetic field, ambient temperature, pressure and humidity. Collected data is hauled to cloud via a datahub where it is analyzed for predictive maintenance.



Electosense is the most prolific and diversified sensor system mounted on electrical panel of the machines. Depending on configurations, the system can track upto 4 three phase machines. The system ( Sensor, Network, Cloud and Analytic) tracks machine health of motor ( bearing, rotor, drive), heater bank etc in addition to measuring electrical energy usage, currents, power factor, sag, swell, surge, harmonics and voltage.

The Prophecy IoT Platform

One End-To-End Solution for Quick Transformative Machine Diagnostics


Most savvy industrial equipment manufacturers recognize that having on-board predictive diagnostics will soon be a market requirement.  Not just monitoring, but rather technology that will provide actionable maintenance advice before a machine malfunctions.
In most cases there is not one complete solution focused on industrial equipment requirements.  Many people sell sensors or machine monitoring data recorder.  Others sell software that then requires interpretation.  The implementation of all those technologies plus deep learning machine analytics is often daunting technologically and expensive because of the multiple layers and platforms to most industrial equipment manufacturers.
The Prophecy End-to-End Platform changes all that.  Implementation and execution is dramatically simplified.  Costs have been driven to emulate consumer electronics, not high priced industrial electronics. Prophecy’s software packages bring the advantages of machine analytics to your products, at the delight of your customers.
 At Prophecy Sensorlytics, we are a technology driven company that has roots in the industrial equipment market.  We know the competitive challenges of rolling out new, cutting edge technology in the machinery business.
 Let’s work together to move your products to the next level of onboard machine analytics and diagnostics.

7 layers of IoT Technology