IoT Associate Program


With the growing demand for IOT technologies need for trained IOT man power is escalating. Although IOT is not entirely a new technology certain aspects of IOTsuch as IOT Middleware, Analytics, IoT sensor Hardwares need to be understood in great depth for starting a career in this grooming & emerging area. IOT associate program is designed to train & equip season developers and freshers to start IOT career.


  • Basic knowledge of software systems
  • Elementary knowledge of electronics and computer hardware


Module 1 – Introduction to IoT (1 hour)

  • What is IoT ?
  • How is IoT applicable for real world applications
  • Where can IoT be applied to solve real world problems
  • Some case studies
  • Overview of a IoT system and deployment view
  • IoT security concerns


Module 2 – IoT Hardware , Sensors & Sensor Network (1h 30 min)

  • Basic function , architecture and types of sensors
  • Sensor interface to hardware
  • Controllers and development boards available for IoT
  • Wireless protocols for sensor network
  • Sensor specifications and behaviour
  • Hands on training with temperature sensor

Module 3 – IoT Cloud, Platform and Analytics (1h 30 min)

  • Role of IoT cloud
  • Popular IoT Platforms
  • Applications on IoT Cloud
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Different Analytical techniques

Module 4 – IoT Communication and Protocol Stack (2 h)

  • Overview of end-to-end IoT protocol stack
  • Protocols used for IoT/M2M
  • Application protocols (REST/MQTT/CoAP)
  • Layer to layer and Peer to Peer view of IoT protocol stack
  • Demo of end to end IoT application


Module 5 –  IoT & Big Data (2h)

  • 4Vs of Big Data (Volume, Velocity, Variety & Veracity)
  • Why big data is important for IoT
  • Databases used for big data
  • Different tools for big data analysis
  • Hadoop and Map Reduce
  • Data Parallelism vs Task Parallelism
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Storm