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The future is now. IOT is here to stay and you must adapt and learn. Whether you are a working professional or attending school, we have courses for everyone

The Zreyas IOT Schools brings to you 4 different courses to choose from based on your skill level. Here are some features of our IOT programs.

  • Learn how to make electronic devices
  • Connect the devices you make to the Internet
  • Send and Receive data from these devices
  • Our IOT kits will allow you to create your custom solution
  • Learn latest technologies including NodeJS on Embedded, HTML5 Mobile Apps

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Associate Program


Designed for Beginners and Students

  • One day intensive program covering the basics of IoT
  • Brief tour of the different technology components of IoT ecosystem
  • Demonstration of an end to end IoT System

Professional Program


Designed for Working Professionals

    • Two day intensive program covering the basics to advanced concepts of IoT
    • Brief tour of the different technology components of IoT ecosystem
    • Architectural details of IoT system deployment

Business Program


Designed for Entrepreneurs, Managers & Investors

  • Basic introduction of all the elements of IoT-Mechanical, Electronics/sensor platform,
  • Wireless and wireline protocols, Mobile to Electronics integration, Mobile to enterprise integration, Data-analytics and Total control plane
  • M2M Wireless protocols for IoT- WiFi, Zigbee/Zwave, Bluetooth, ANT+ : When and where to use which one?

Kids Program


Designed for Kids

  • Driven by inspiration to get our kids ready for the future, Zreyas Technology launches “Kids’ IoTbootcamp” this summer.
  • Designed for Smart Kids on summer break from class VII to class XII
  • Designed for Teachers who want to introduce IoT course / workshops in their schools

Analytics Program

16Hrs or 32 Hrs

Designed for Working Professionals

  • Role of Big Data Analytics in IoT – Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive analytics, Dashboarding.
  • Layers of analytics-how to process a raw signal and relates to known physics and engineering.
  • Analytic for IoT involves traditional Data Science techniques of Machine Learning coupled with strong emphasis on signal processing engineering.